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Time to spent in nature
Live with a sense of wonder
in Hakuba Misonrano

Love spending time with nature
We wake up, eat, work and play, sleep. What we do here is no different from our daily life. There is only the sight of a chestnut squirrel running up a tree, the sound of a babbling brook gently soothing your ears, and the sound of the wind in the distance. The murmur of the stream gently soothes your ears. Nature spreads out beyond the entrance. The joy of feeling connected to the mountains and forests. KMR's holiday stays offer KMR's vacation stays offer you the chance to spend time with nature and experience it for yourself.

About Hakuba Misorano
Hakuba Village in Kitaazumino County, Nagano Prefecture, is known as the site of the 2008 Nagano Olympics, and is now a kind of sacred place visited by many international skiers in search of high-quality powder snow. The Misorano holiday home area, where KMR's holiday home is located, is a historic holiday home surrounded by forests and mountains at the foot of the Happo One ski resort and Hakuba 47.

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